Born in Kincardine, Scotland, Michael McCarroll grew up spending a large portion of his childhood engrossed in video games, movies, and cartoons. He was captivated by shows like Transformers, Animaniacs, Duck Tales, Goof Troop and games like Earthworm Jim.

Early in life, Michael became a musician, and found himself comfortable in the limelight. It strengthened his passion for entertainment, for the ability to create things that had emotional impact.

Engrossed by the process of recording, after being a musician, Michael became an audio technician. He still dreamed, though, of being in front of that microphone, and so he began to attend the Adam Smith College where he studied Acting & Theatre Performance and began to fully pursue his dream of becoming a Voice Actor. He wanted to create for others what he had experienced as a kid watching TV.

“I want to give other people the same feeling I get when I hear the voice of a hero or villain from my childhood. Those goosebumps you get. That. That’s what I want.”

He is influenced and inspired by the greats of the voice acting world: Jim Cummings, Paul Eiding, Townsend Coleman, Hank Azaria, Michael Bell, Mark Hamill, Mel Blanc, June Foray, Frank Welker, Dee Bradley Baker, Billy West, Rob Paulsen and Phil Hartman, just to name a few.

Michael has in the past played a drug dealer in BBC’s “Case Histories,” and can be heard calling Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis a pair of “Cowardly Bastards” in John Landis’ “Burke & Hare.” He is also the voice of Corey, a character in the indie horror game White Noise 2.

In his day to day life, Michael can be heard as the voice of the omnipotent narrator in the YouTube series “Unfunny People In Cars Getting Stuff” – Along with producing his own content under the banner of “MiQ’s Mic” and in the podcast “JoyStocked.”

In his spare time, he enjoys reading aloud, performing music, and the occasional transatlantic trip back home to the UK.