Michael was born in Kincardine, Scotland, but he spent his childhood absorbing America’s enduring contributions to art and culture, such as Duck Tales, Digimon, Animaniacs, Earthworm Jim, and Transformers (just to name a few).   

Driven from a young age to seek the limelight, he became the charismatic front-man for a metal band, developing such valuable skills as “screaming without destroying his vocal chords” and “writing some absolutely crushing riffs.”

Having developed some skill on the technical end of things, Michael took up work as an audio technician, but it wasn’t long before he once again felt the pull of the microphone. Longing to bring the joy he felt as a child to the next generation, he studied Acting & Theater Performance at Adam Smith College before moving to America to pursue his dream of being a voice actor (with the side benefit of residing on the same continent as his then fiance, now wife).

Michael can be seen dealing drugs in BBC’s “Case Histories,” and pouring drinks in “Outlander.”

He can be heard calling Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis a pair of “Cowardly Bastards” in John Landis’ “Burke & Hare,” facing off against the restless dead as a Praetorian Guard in a lore video for the action RPG “Deadhouse Sonata,” and screaming bloody murder while being murdered (bloodily) as Cory in the indie horror title, White Noise 2.

In his day to day life, Michael blaethers with his friends on his podcast Joystocked and plays video games on his twitch under the banner of HighlanderVO.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading comics, tinkering with electronics, and the occasional transatlantic trip to visit family (when there’s not a global pandemic going on).